LUBRICANTS for CO2 and HFO  heat pump systems.

As the world recognises the increasing importance of the impact of Global Warming and making industry and its products more environmentally friendly, moving away from fossil fuels to more environmentally sustainable energy sources is becoming more important in domestic and industrial applications. In particular emphasis is being placed on domestic and commercial building heating and hot water generation. The move towards the use of heat pumps obviating the need for conventional gas boiler systems is on the increase and is a global growth market. With these systems adopting natural and synthetic Low Global Warming Potential (LGWP) Refrigerants in heat pump circuits, the need for a superior, high performance heat pump lubricant to ensure optimum lubricity for the compressor is important for long life in these systems.

Heat pump systems using CO2 and HFO refrigerants are the popular choice for heating and hot water supply. At Shrieve we recognise the increasing demand for robust, high performance lubricants as the move to natural and synthetic LGWP refrigerants creates harsher and more challenging working environments for the compressor lubricant. Our Zerol® RFL-EP HP and Zerol® PE-X HP lubricant ranges are the lubricant choices for CO2 and HFO heat pump applications and will exceed the demanding requirements of these applications.

The market needs a reliable, high performance, long lasting lubricant. The lubricants of choice are Zerol® RFL EP HP and Zerol® PE-X HP. With over 150 years of combined technical experience we can support your compressor and lubrication needs with a wealth of technical data, tests and laboratory support to help you achieve your heat pump goals.